Are the holidays overwhelming you ?


The countdown has begun and your list is endless. As you review it, the stress creeps in.


“Oh my, I forgot a gift for the grab bag”

“I still need to buy potatoes for the great dish I saw on Pinterest”

“Ugh, we’re seeing Aunt Mary again this year, why doesn’t she ever have anything nice to say”

 “Crap, “teacher’s gifts” really?”


Anything above resonating with you?


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Well, I’m here to give you a pep talk. First of all let’s take the edge off. Let’s remember that under every circumstance YOU are in charge for how you follow through. And yes, stress and anxiety are NOT where you need to react from.


Let’s show you how to enter the “No Pressure Zone” when it comes to the holidays!


Family: In here lies enormous stress. For some the holidays were not pleasant as a child. Maybe your upbringing was not ideal. Watching the commercials on T.V. and how others speak of warm fuzzy feelings trigger you to not enjoy the holidays. Perhaps, you are dealing with loss this holiday season like myself and totally not looking forward to the festive cheer and all that jazz. Guess what, you are entitled to feel your feelings. It’s perfectly normal. There is absolutely no expectation to be turned up all the time with glee. Especially when dealing with difficult family members too, it can stir up uncomfortable emotions.


Here are a few tips to focus on:

  • People are never going to change, period. So stop expecting that the holiday season is when those “hard to get along with family members” will finally come through and stop being difficult. It’s never going to happen.
  • Bring the positive energy you want to feel with you wherever you go. Understand that you are in control of how you act, feel and communicate with others. Be that example of lightheartedness and watch how infectious it will become in the room.
  • Pick and choose where you go and whom you will spend the holidays with. Let’s be clear you don’t have to attend every function you’re invited to. It’s perfectly okay to exercise your power of saying “No, thank you”. If you’re NOT feeling the JOY to go, then don’t go. Surround yourself with family, friends, and events that light you up.  


Ditch the Perfection: Why do we always have the need to perfect everything we do? The perfect gift, the perfect Christmas Card, etc. This is where you can sit back and let stress roll off of you. If you haven’t mailed out your cards yet, maybe try sending New Year cards this season. Not sure what to get your best friend for Christmas. Why not give her a gift card along with an invitation for a lunch date at the mall. Together, you can catch up, enjoy a meal with a side of shopping. See how easily you can find the solution that works best for YOU! Let’s stop following common practices and follow your bliss on how you want to conduct your life around the holidays.

Finally know that the holidays become hectic when you allow them to be. Let’s try to channel our energy in a different light this year.


Here are some everyday tips to help you through holidays and beyond:

  • Remember YOU matter. Take time to indulge in yourself. Take that drive to your favorite cafe, order your chai or latte and enjoy your own company. When you implement random acts of self care moments, you are able to reduce stress and be in a more loving space in your world.
  • Let go of expectations! Whether it’s people or circumstances, you can only control how you show up and react. We need to stop expecting others to change or circumstances to be different. Accept where things are and choose to see the beauty and positive aspects in all areas of your life.
  • Lead with gratitude. Being grateful for all your blessings will definitely begin to open doors of awesomeness in your everyday. When you focus on the good you have in the moment and less on the what you don’t have, your life will blossom with amazing possibilities. It’s hard at first but consistent practice makes it easier.
  • How do you want to feel? Ask yourself this question everyday? Then lean into that feeling and act on it. We need to be able to connect and tap into our true feelings. Not everyday are you going to be full of happy and joy. And that’s ok. Take those moments to dig deeper and see where the sadness, the anger, the “not wanting to adult” emotions are coming from. Maybe you need time off, you need a nap (who doesn’t love a good or you simply need a change of pace in your routine. Switch things around and do those activities that serve YOU.  


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Happy Holidays and remember to take good care of YOU!

Yours in peace & ease,