Here we are transitioning from the coziness of Winter to the  liveliness of Spring.

Time to get out of our hibernation caves and run through the fields of blossoming fields!

And with these changes we always feel the need to shed, release and detox something in our life & business ….

Our minds

Our bodies

Our environments

And yes, even our Souls

This is a perfect time of the year to re-evaluate where you are heading. Get honest about your intentions and take those right next steps to reaffirm your plans for rest of this year.

Maybe your diet needs to be adjusted; more water, less cookies …

Your home possibly needs new decor; fresh paint or new furniture …

Your business is feeling stagnant: Need a new direction, hire help or revise your intentions

Are your relationships toxic? Is it time to cut those cuts and let them go?


We really need to dig deep and ask those tough questions, retweak our approach in order to see awesome results and feel great in doing so. Whenever we can create simplicity, why not do it. I truly believe we should do this detoxing of sorts every quarter. Every three months is ideal to check in and see of you are staying on track, take inventory and make sure everything feels soulfully aligned in your life & business.

The less cluttered our mind, body, soul and environment are, the better we can function and show up bigger and better in our life & business. The less our energy will leak and more open you will remain for creative and prosperous flow. The more you hold onto things, people, circumstances, the more you block your blessings.

Here a few ways to get started and spring clean all areas of your life & business


Ridding yourSELF of clutter in your home and office is great to start the process. Grab three bins and/or boxes. As you go through your closets, books, papers, your basement, etc.;

Ask yourSELF:

  • Do I LOVE it? Keep it
  • Do I HATE it? Get rid of it
  • Can I donate it? Pay it forward

From there dump into each respective bin and do not OVERTHINK it. Ask the question, trust your answer and keep it moving.


Cleaning out your digital homes is super important and extremely effective. Do the following for your phones, pc’s, laptops and tablets:

  • Review and clean up your files, folders and apps
  • Secure your cloud based platforms to avoid being hacked – 
  • Consider using a portable hard drive to store your cleaned up files ensuring no lost documents in the event of your device crashing

BONUS: Your website and Social Media Platforms

  • Refresh your content
  • Consider new headshots
  • Revamp your bio


This area is often overlooked and absolutely the most that can block your blessings from coming through in your life & business.

Ask yourSELF:

  • Who do I need to forgive? Holding on to any negative toxic emotions of others or even maybe of yourSELF?
  • Who or what is no longer serving me?

Review and release the following:

  • All the people in your inner circle that give you negative vibes
  • Any circumstances that bum you out and don’t make you happy
  • Old stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and standing in your way


Yes, even our bodies crave to detox and release. Check in with yourSELF and see if you needing to revamp your lifestyle, your diet or even your appearance.

Consider the following:

  • Your Movement: yoga, riding your bike walking – to release toxins via sweating
  • Your Nutrition: Add more water, try a new green juice, consider a meatless monday for dinner
  • Your Existence: clean out your makeup, freshen up your wardrobe, maybe it’s time to a new hairstyle

If you are ready to dive deeper, please feel free to join my FREE 5 Day Series Challenge; Purge to Surge: Making Room for the New in your life & business