Take Action, Move Forward, Invoke Self Care … Even on the go!

3 simple ways to sneak in self care rituals on any day of the week!

I do not want to hear that I don’t have time for self care …

I do not want to hear that I go for manicures, that’s NOT self care …

I do not want to hear that I drink lattes, that’s NOT self care …

This term has been so oversaturated in the media, social media streets and completely misunderstood.

SELF CARE  is about being kind to yourself as you would to others. Recognizing when your resources and energy fields are low along with  knowing when to step back to evaluate on how to replenish, recharge and care for yourself in ways that feel good and keep you at your healthiest SELF.

It’s an internal feeling followed by an external action towards turbo charging your energy!!!


One of the many ways you start meaningful SELF CARE is that’s minimal BUT super effective is drinking water. Yes, I said it. Start drinking water, that’s a self care rituals. I know you’re shocked, but yes hydration of SELF is an act of self care, soul care and personal care. The many benefits of energy, mental clarity and flushing those unnecessary toxins in your body is flipping amazing. So start drinking your water.

For those that have trouble drinking your water, you can infuse flavor by adding various fruits, fresh lemon or lime juice and fresh herbs such as mint or ginger.

Feel free to google the many ways to infuse deliciousness in your water and start sipping y’all. It will save your life and you will feel amazing! Stop procrastinating! You’re welcome 😉 LOL


Move your body! Walk as much as you can in order to move in a way that does not stress you or your body out.

Listen, stop being that person that has to park literally at the door everywhere you go. Yes, you know who you are! Instead, be that person that can park farther away and enjoy that stroll in the parking lot to get your steps in.

During the day, after lunch if weather permits, go for a 10 minute walk. Yes, even if you have a 9 to 5, stop giving your employer YOUR time by eating at your desk. Go outside, eat in your car and then take that walk in your parking lot, parking garage, around the block, just move yourSELF.

We need to stop sitting for hours on end and not give our bodies the circulation of blood and life that it needs to maintain our cardio health and hearts in good shape. Now if you want to be extra and go take a spin class, kick box your heart out, then please do that. But for those that struggle with finding that one thing to start an exercise ritual, JUST GO FOR A WALK.


Honestly we all live such crazy ass lives that finding a minute to just stop seems inconceivable, right? Especially as moms we wear so many hats that a time out is all we ever crave.

BUT it’s we need to find the time to chill the eff OUT …

Even if it’s 5 minutes in your car in a random parking lot, hiding your bathroom (from your spouse and kids – yes, this is a real thing … lol) or just getting up in the morning 10 minutes earlier to set the intention of ease in the beginning of your day.

Our mind, body, spirit and soul NEED time to stop, drop and recharge. Think about it, you never stop charging your phone when it’s at 45%? Never, right? So why wouldn’t you recharge your battery of life?

In order for us to create an impact in our life & business, we need to be well rested, fully charged and functioning at your best. If we continue to believe that we don’t have time for any of these simplistic rituals, it will backfire rapidly like wildfires. Don’t wait for an unexpected dis-EASE aka #SpiritualSitDown where you forced to care for yourSELF.

WHY WAIT UNTIL THEN … You shouldn’t have to !!!

Ok, now that I gave you some easy ways to begin or enhance your self care rituals, go and claim your life back!

Need more help in implementing self care, soul care or even personal care?

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