After working with Eva, my biggest take away for me was that I haven’t set boundaries in any aspect of my life. I couldn’t believe how quickly she picked up on it too. My boundaries have never been set. I have allowed people to take advantage of me while not sticking up for myself. Eva showed me how IMPORTANT it is. Eva is a great listener and showed that she was interested in me and what I had to say. I would recommend her to anyone that is struggling with making time for themselves.

Elizabeth Durham


My life and business has been suffering from lack of structure and healthy boundaries, but with simple steps that Eva proposed I am already seeing a difference. I’m a person who tends to over complicate so Eva’s actionable and simple(yet effective) advice was like a breath of fresh air to me. Eva is such a pleasure to work with. She has a warm and confident presence that instantly makes you feel comfortable and understood.

Anastasia Harris

Energy Healer

You have made my life easier and more manageable with the brain dump list. So obvious, but I never thought of it! I pull things from it all the time and overall am more productive and less stressed!

Colleen McSpirit

Freelance Writer/Editor

Eva you were born to do this. The session was so easygoing. Honestly I went into it nervous because I knew you had to be all up in my business. And in an area I was NOT excelling at, so that was stressful. BUT you were so kind and easy to talk with, you listened you let me know you understood and I felt at ease to tell you the truth of my shortcomings in the area of self care. Then with the easy steps that you provided to me I was able to implement with ease. I am more rested and joyful and I often get complimented on how radiant I look now and I know it’s due mainly to my self care regimen that you helped me with.

Famira Green

Brand Illuminator-Visual Branding Master

Eva Ponce has coached me through several situations that have literally changed my life and business. She helped me really tap into who I was on the inside and go after my heart’s desires with the type of balance that makes sense for my life. Eva helped me not feel so guilty about taking care of myself and honoring what I truly want for myself. Even when it was scary or when no one else understood, Eva helped me see that what I want is OK, that I am deserving, and that fighting for my desires are always worth it.

I love the way she honored and respected how important it is to me to be a wife and a mother and was able to open my eyes to the importance of taking care of myself, so that I can take even better care of my family. She helped me discover how important it is to define my boundaries and always stay #CommittedToSelf.

I am so grateful for her no nonsense, no BS (but still full of love) style. Eva is bold and unafraid to have the hard conversations. You will always know that she’s in your corner because she will take a stand for you as she helps you uncover exactly what you need to do to hold space in your life for yourself.

I will forever be grateful for her helping me get to the bottom of what I want for myself and my life, my marriage and even my business because she made it OK to put myself first and to really and truly operate from a full cup. Thanks to Eva’s help, I can confidently share my mission, live in my purpose and be fully committed to my role in my family and my business.

Tahira Bell

Teen Life Coach, Speaker