Is being busy the same as being productive?

The short answer is NO, it’s not …


Here’s the difference, busy is multi-tasking on a million things at the same time and getting nothing done plus giving each task only 15% of your focus. However, being productive is focusing on that one task and giving it your 100% attention until completion.


Can you see the difference now?

Focus on being productive,instead of busy ~ Tim Ferris Click To Tweet

Here are 5 ways for YOU to be effortlessly “Productive”:


  1. Schedule time in your day to do something you love: Yes, plan an activity that you love and allow yourself to enjoy it. When you take time for YOU, you open up the opportunity to rest, relax and refresh your energy. You need those moments to step away for your work and infuse the fun factor in your life! Whether it’s a manicure, a lunch date with a friend, going to your favorite cafe, sitting in your comfy chair with a good book, do it. You deserve it!
  2. Centering yourself within your priorities: Write out your daily schedule and re-evaluate where your time is being assigned to. Ask yourself: Am I really honoring my priorities? Are my actions in alignment to my priorities? This will allow you to focus on those realistic tasks in your business. Schedule those actions in your business plus those activities you love.
  3. Multi-Purpose tasks together: When you’re writing up your schedule consider batching multi-purposing activities together. For example: when you workout at home, put that load of laundry in before you start. When you’re in the car, listen to a podcast for personal development. Find those activities that compliment each other not complicate your time!
  4. Set deadlines to your tasks: Establishing deadlines will give you the accountability you need to stay on task with your business. Be reasonable when setting those deadlines on those important activities you need to get done. This is also a great way to kill procrastination and help you take serious action.
  5. Baby Step Goals: Taking small steps everyday towards your big goals will help you stay on track and feel accomplished. Small action is better than no action. Gone are the excuses of not having time when you take these baby steps daily. Focusing on those bit size items you can tackle everyday instead of getting consumed and overwhelmed on the bigger tasks.

I hope you enjoyed these strategies on becoming productive. The biggest take away is to develop the habit to write your daily schedule and honestly putting realistic tasks that honor your priorities in your everyday.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. ~ Paul J. Meyer Click To Tweet

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