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In today’s world, it’s all about immediate gratification; immediate access to everything.


Gone are the days of waiting to be in front of your computer to get work done. Now we have our smart phone and our tablets, geez we even have our smart watches …


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That is why I’m in love with google apps, they are available on everything: laptops, phones, tablets


As an entrepreneur, keeping business costs down is important and that’s my major reason for loving Google Apps – It’s FREE! (Certain fees apply only to Google Drive for cloud space,that’s it).


These apps further provide me that ability to manage my biz on the go and have constant communication with my clients.


Here are my top 5 reasons why Google Apps allows me to work from anywhere:


  1. Gmail: Ease of Use! Being able to create, edit and send an email from any device is a life saver. I can always have communication with my clients and family as well. You can also add other email accounts to your Gmail Account. Meaning if you have a yahoo or hotmail account, you can link that mailbox to your Gmail account and view ALL emails within one application. That’s amazing!
  2. Google Drive: This is a suite of google documents that are the equivalent of Microsoft Doc’s (Google Doc/Word – Google Sheets/Excel – Google Slides/Powerpoint). In here you can create content, folders and share these files with your team & clients. You can upload files and graphics and effectively set up your projects. The best part is that no matter where you make your changes (laptop/phone/tablet) it will save & upload immediately.
  3. Google Calendar: Aside from the instant access to your calendar, you can also set alerts to keep you productive during the day. I use my calendar to set alarms for my work breaks, client appointment and family situations and even daily positive affirmations. It keeps me accountable and effective all day.
  4. Google Photos: I am a huge lover of taking great photos! And I love I can have access to them at all times. This allows me to create graphics on the go by uploading my images from my Google Photos. I take my images with my phone and they immediately save & upload to my Google Photos. (Yes, I’m a Droid girl, don’t judge me – lol) This app gives me the flexibility to create social media posts from anywhere and that’s awesome!
  5. Google Hangouts: This app is great for one on one consultations and even webinars. I use Google hangouts for clients and Google Hangouts on Air for my live webinars. This app also links to your Youtube Channel as well. Meaning, whenever you record a hangout it will automatically save to your Youtube channel. You do have the option of making them private or public. Once you set up your hangout you are provided with a link to share with others to join the conversation or webinar. Genius, right!

There are SO MANY other apps available within Google, it’s overwhelming in a good way! If you’re not a user yet, I encourage you to check them out and give them a try. It’s all about user friendly, accessibility and variety of applications that set you up for success in your business. Google Apps definitely grants me those advantages.  


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These are the tools I use to create freedom in my biz & life. If you’re interested in more strategies to create time freedom in your day, please download my FREE The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide: To Liberate Your Life & Business“.


Eva, xo