Break time graphic 3.3.16

All work and no play is boring! We all need time to chillax during our work day. But do we listen to the signs when we need those breaks? NOPE!


Often times we don’t and then we push ourselves into the danger zone of chaos and overwhelm.


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As women, we tend to nurture others and ignore our own needs.


I used to think pausing for breaks was a complete waste of my time and I could just finish my day faster if I simply kept going. Wow, I was wrong. All I did was run in circles for 10-12 hours and get nothing done.


This how we push our limits, we get sick because our immune system is on overdrive and subconsciously we purchase a one way ticket to “cranky ville”. Lol


In order for us to come from a place of love instead of resentment, we need to pull back and take time away from the grind.


Here are 5 ways to recognize where a break is necessary:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Tired & cranky
  • Looking for excuses to NOT do the task at hand
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Easily distracted – squirrel moments


Once you identify your “time out” moment do the following to boost your energy:


  • Dance break – put on your favorite music, push your chair back and dance your lil heart out
  • Go for a walk and get some fresh air – moving your body helps you concentrate
  • Grab a snack and some water – this helps you avoid fatigue
  • Take a 15 minute nap – set your timer and enjoy (works wonders)
  • Breathe – close your eyes & take a few minutes to focus on your breath (deep breath in through your nose, powerful exhale out through your mouth)


I grant you permission to incorporate breaks and do YOU because you need them. Sometimes, we need to say “eff this” and walk away to regroup in both your biz and personal life!


Taking time for YOU is not selfish it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise you will burnout!


And guess what, “You’re the Boss” so you can, right? Lol


“Rest when you are weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work” ~ Ralph Martson Click To Tweet


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Eva, xo