Blog - Effective Schedule Planning 2.16.16

As busy business owners our time is precious, right? So planning our day is very important.


But here’s the problem, do we plan for emergencies or setbacks?


“Plans are nothing; Planning is everything” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower Click To Tweet

Here’s the real trickery of scheduling: how much time do you allow between appointments?


If your answer is “zero”. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.


I incorporate what I love to refer to as “Buffer Time” between appointments.


For example:

  • First appointment is at 8:30am
  • The duration is an hour
  • Allow a “buffer” before your next client
  • That buffer can be 1-2 hours to allow for preparation, consume a meal or for emergencies  should they arise.


As business women, especially mompreneurs you will have those moments when the kids are sick, you get that phone call from school, needing to stop at the supermarket for dinner or even simply getting stuck in traffic.


By allowing that “buffer” in between your appointments, you can conquer your day with more ease. Plus if your day goes smoothly, use that extra time to implement self care. Yup, that’s right time for YOU.


That’s my BONUS tip: include random acts of “Self Care” because you deserve them!


Make sure when you’re planning out your day that you include time for YOU!


Here a few to choose from:

  • 5 minute meditation
  • 20 minutes to read an awesome book
  • 15 minutes to soak in a soothing bubble bath
  • lunch with a friend and catch up
  • grabbing a cup of coffee/tea in a cafe and detach
  • go for a walk and move your body for 20 minutes


These simple treats during the day give you a chance to replenish, detach and refresh yourself. They give you that opportunity to come from a place of calm and avoid the “overwhelm zone”. No one like chaos, right? lol

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Eva, xo