Pleaser SM Post 01.28.16

You get that phone call from a family member asking you to join them at this great event and in your mind you’re like “Oh my God, I don’t want to go.

I just want to stay home in my jammies and binge watch TV”. Then you open your mouth and you say “Wow, sure I”ll be there. What time is it?” Guess what happened here:  You gave your power away.


How is that working for you?


I’m here to tell you to STOP saying yes when you really mean NO.


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Hi I’m Eva, (raising my left hand)  and I am a former “People Pleaser” and my life has been amazing since I resigned! Amen ya’ll ….


Ok, let’s dig in here. Why is it so easy for us to not honor ourselves when it come to other people? We sacrifice our needs to please others. We are at the bottom of our own “to do list”.


Here’s the flip side, you can just say “No, Thank you”! You have the right to exercise the power of saying “No” to those things that do not light you up, serve your purpose or simply not interested in.


Let me share with you a few pointers  before you answer “Yes or No”:


  • When you are approached, first STOP and think of your answer. Do not automatically say yes, when your heart is saying NO.


  • Ask yourself: Do I really need this in my life? Will this lift me up or let me down?


  • If you need to answer on the spot, say this: “Thank you for thinking of me. Let me check my schedule and I will get back to you shortly”.


  • Don’t feel guilty for saying “NO”. It is not your job to please everyone in your life. Saying no gives you the power to live your life by your design.


  • Use these tips for both personal and business. It will never steer you wrong!  I guarantee it 🙂


There will be times, that others will judge, criticize and not understand your decision. But it’s okay. It’s YOUR choice to make. That is the beauty of it. People will always have opinions but it’s how you react to them, that make the difference. You are in control of your life!


Letting others down is okay. Really it is. You can not possibly be responsible for how everyone feels every second of your day. That’s not living. That’s compromising your happiness and your well deserved joy. And that right there, is not cool.


I learned this the hard way: You can’t please everyone!


So remember, when you’re cornered into decision making follow my 3 actionable steps:


  1. STOP
  2. THINK


A W E S O M E ! – You have officially joined the “Non-People Pleaser Club”!


Look at you, I’m so proud! Take a bow, well done.


Now, go out there and do you boo! lol


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Eva, xo