Are you a course junkie-

Raise your hand if you are a course junkie?

Do you take course after course without actually finishing them? Do you stop yourself from moving forward in your business because you think you need to learn that one last skill? Well you’re not alone. I was once that person too. That was my sign, that there was something bigger I needed to learn.

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It took me forever and a day to stop and take inventory of why I was not moving forward in my business.  Guess what is was? Yes, it was FEAR! Here’s the thing, it took me a very long time to get help and be coached by the best, to step out of my fear. I finally realized after many tears and aha moments, that fear is just an opinion NOT a fact. We are programmed to believe that our fear thoughts are actually true facts about us. Well I’m here to share the great news – No they are not! Our fear has a way of completely keeping us stuck in the mud. We freeze and stop moving and that’s not healthy for our personal life and especially our businesses.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Why does this fear exist? Is it a childhood memory?
  2. Am I willing to release this fear?
  3. What am I wanting to receive instead of fear? Faith? Love? Confidence?
  4. Will I let this fear define me?

For me, I released the fear, the opinion of not being good enough and instead I choose to receive the confidence to show up and became a kickass mompreneur and share with the world my greatness! I am not allowing myself to stay small in fear and I chose to fly in confidence because I am enough in all areas of my life.

Please note I am all about personal development, in fact, I strongly encourage it. But the difference here is to use that course or that book to move forward, not as an excuse to hide out in fear, despair, guilt or any form of negative monkey chatter we speak to ourselves. To take ACTION and implement it forward. Let’s turn this around and speak positively to ourselves. We need to learn to love and be gentle with ourselves. Simply by practicing the act of gratitude will lead you into such an awesome place in all areas of your personal & business life. Focus at least once a day on 5 things that you are grateful for. That’s it. It will start to shift your world around in ridiculous ways.  We create what we focus on so why not focus on the good, right?

Let’s start applying those techniques, taking action where we need it the most and making this your best life ever. Remember to keep moving yourself forward, never give up because you are simply amazing!


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Eva, xo