family or business

Omg, so how often are you forced to make a difficult decision?

Having to choose between your family or your business? To make that heart wrenching choice that leaves you torn & confused?

For me personally, far too many times. And each one is never easy, especially as a mom!


“May your choices reflect your hopes. Not your fears” ~ Nelson Mandela Click To Tweet


So back in July, I purchased my ticket extremely early to the first epic live event in NYC – Periscope Summit. Yeah, super score! VIP status to the max. Complete access to all the Elite before & after parties, plus a private boat tour of NYC – Amazing! So I  block out my schedule. I planned for that week and feeling so excited to network, make fabulous connections, finally meet my mentors that I have only known online and have a great time. Totally feeling on top of the world! Finally, the opportunity to collaborate and market my coaching business. Pinch me, am I dreaming …. Right? lol


At the same time my son signs up for High School Marching Band. Cool, great kid. Go getter like his momma 🙂 He’s uber excited because he going to learn to play the saxophone, not the clarinet he mastered in for middle school. He proceeds to tell me about his schedule and hands the list of State Competition dates. And with one glance, I uttered “NO WAY”. Instantly my high for my amazing event came to a complete low. Hold up, wait a minute, the ish just got real people! Insert the sound of screeching brakes!

I just find out that my son’s state competition for Marching Band is the same week of my event. WHAT?!?! really the same EXACT week. This is a joke, right? Am I being punked?  

Not the week before or the week after but THE SAME WEEK – Ugh, huge massive bummer. Now, I shake my head and say “how do I decide?” Lord, I need some tea and big ass chocolate chip cookie. Ok, maybe two big ass cookies – lol

I honestly sat there and weighed my options. Made my list of pros and cons. Do I go to this great event for my business, meet amazing mentors & influencers and put my biz out there? Or do I cancel my plans and support my son at his competition.

The choice really sat heavy with me. Either way, disappointment will be had. So after extensive soul searching, I finally decided. Yup, I cancelled my plans.

But here’s why I made that decision. My son ONLY grows up once. I only get to see him go through his High School functions ONCE. Yes, indeed. It felt good to make that decision. Will there be other live events? AbsoFREAKINGlutely!!!

Here are the questions I used to make my decision:

  1. What really matters here? How is this going to impact my life both personal & professional?
  2. Who is affected by my decision? What degree of hardship/disappointment is associated with my decision?
  3. Will this type of opportunity present itself again? Is this a one time only type of situation?
  4. How does my heart feel when I weigh my options?
  5. Who am I really hurting with the outcome of my decision?

For as much as I wanted to gain momentum with my business, I also remembered that I’m a mother too. My precious boy needed me more than I needed that event. I will never remember all the events and all the people I meet. BUT I will always remember cheering my son on at his competitions, at all his games, at everything he does in his lifetime. That makes my heart swell and my life complete. That right there eliminates any guilt I would have associated with not going to this epic event and letting my peers down. Being a mom is the most important job I have to fulfill. Being his mom is the best career I’ve embarked on yet.

I just choose to focus on creating that space in my life to do what makes sense to me and what matters the most in my everyday. Being the best Life Coach for mompreneurs is in my sights BUT being a stellar mom to my boys is on the very top of my list. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

If this blog, has resonated with you or you think it will benefit others, please feel free to share. I am here to serve everyone!

It’s not hard to make decisions, once you know what your values are. ~ Roy E. Disney Click To Tweet


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Eva, xo