Fear Blog #1

Are you a victim to this too? How often do we have those conversations with others and even with ourselves, that we speak on opinions not facts? Where we let fear settle in and make itself comfortable. Where we let those mental blocks hold us back from becoming our truest versions of ourselves. When we are ultimately paralyzed by FEAR & DOUBT. Not granting ourselves the permission to live AUTHENTICALLY – Hello, yes I was guilty TOO. For far too long I have been guiding my life based on opinions of myself not facts. For example, who can relate to I am not worthy? I am not enough? Smart enough? Pretty enough?, etc. I’m raising my hand, because this was me. It took me a long time to get into this space of honesty and now know these were thoughts I perceived into facts. But in reality they were just opinions based on words I allowed to define me. But guess what? … NO MORE I’M DONE!

This weekend was my major breakthrough – my AHA moment! After an intense VIP Session with my Coach, Mentor & friend, Rachel Luna, I discovered just that, they were just opinions I have carried with me my whole entire life. I allowed words spoken to me and experiences characterize my soul. I gave FEAR & DOUBT approval to take over my life. To award those feelings a space to dwell inside of me and cripple me from moving forward in all areas of my life.

But then I made my breakthrough! It was not easy … it took a lot of soul searching, asking the right questions, doing a series of verbal & written exercises, allowing myself the acknowledgement of those perceptions and a ton of crying to finally breakthrough. Totally mind blowing but totally worth every bit of the experience. Through this session, I was finally able to stand in my own truth and move forward in my life without the fear standing in my way. Without granting fear to dictate direction in my life. This new understanding has completely changed my personal life as well as my business. It has given the clarity I needed to be confident. To show up fully, authentically and empowered. That my friends is priceless (insert the tears of joy) We all deserve to be liberated from our negative mindset and stand tall in confidence & clarity! Thank you Rachel, privileged to have taken this journey with you my friend.

In my effort to pay it forward, here are a few tips to help you achieve your own breakthrough. But first, find a quiet space. Grab a notebook & pen, some water and yes, tissues. Take a series of deep breaths and let them go. Inhale good energy, release negative or nervous vibes, then begin:

  • Close your eyes and remember a time when fear settled in or an experience  that stopped you dead in your tracks. Then ask yourself these questions:
    1. How does my body react to that feeling or thought? Identify exactly where in your body, the connection to that belief is. Headache, chest pains, etc.
    2. What emotion do I feel? angry, doubtful, frustrated, etc.
    3. What behavior shows up? Procrastination, depression, shut down, etc.
    4. Is it really a FACT or Opinion? Most definitely these are all opinions.
  • Take a moment and to sit with those emotions. Ask yourself, who or what circumstance is related to those feelings. Has your relationship with that person been compromised because of those thoughts or words spoken to you from them? Can you understand they were coming from a place of fear as well? Can you begin to process that those speculations were just opinions not facts? That maybe now you can begin to release those blocks and chisel down these barriers.
  • Truly ask yourself, what words and experiences have I granted the permission to rule me in my life. Take all those negative beliefs and set them free. Write them all down and have a burning ceremony and let that unwanted emotional baggage go! Light up the paper and BURN BABY BURN … And repeat out loud “those opinions will not dictate my life” Declare out loud what your truth is! (I suggest doing this in a very safe place, no fires please .. lol)
  • Now, begin to rewrite the script. For every negative thought, declare a positive one. From, I am not beautiful enough to I am gorgeous inside and out. Note:  Keep those positive affirmations in a place where you can frequent them everyday. In your car, your bathroom mirror, at your desk and just remind yourself daily of your worth.
  • Grant yourself permission to cry and let go of those emotions. This is where the breakthrough will begin.
  • At this point, analyze if there is anyone you need to reach out to and begin that conversation of healing. Have that dialog of releasing and possibly apologizing to one another. To establish the mending.
  • Finally, going forward, be conscious of how you speak to yourself and self correct when you can. Turn that negative talk into a positive loving voice.

Fear Quote Blog#1


This will take time, you will need to adjust your mindset, but in the end you will be exactly where you have always wanted to dwell, in your AUTHENTIC self.

If this blog, has resonated with you or you think it will benefit others, please feel free to share. I am here to serve everyone!