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Are you the completely overwhelmed busy mom living with guilt for wanting control of your life back? Are you running completely on empty? Do you wake up everyday serving everyone else ALL DAY and forget to show up for yourself. Always trying to beat the clock!

Yes, that was me too. Can I get a Amen!


It is totally amazing how programmed we are as women, to serve others and completely forget to give back to OURSELVES. This has been so typical, especially in my Latin upbringing. My mom ALWAYS did for my brother and I, plus my dad, plus my grandmother, plus ALL other family & friends and then finally for herself, if the energy level was ever available.

Then here I was as an adult doing the same exact thing. Following that exhausting pattern. Barely showing up for myself, feeling GUILTY for wanting to take time for MYSELF to practice good self care (me time, eating right, exercising, etc.). I was totally depleted, defeated and finally lost my identity along the way. I was simply the mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc., and totally forgot who I really was!

And then the guilt settled in and made itself right at home. The guilt for wanting to find balance in my life without losing the support of my family. To be the mom and the career women without sacrificing my family. To be the best caretaker of my home, the excellent Executive Assistant at work, the awesome mom and overall “got it together person” ever.

“You can have it all, just not all at once”

~ Oprah Winfrey


Absolutely the biggest EPIC failure ever. WHY you ask?

It fell apart because I had no systems in place to show up in every quadrant of my life. I wasn’t allowing myself the permission to participant in every area of my life. I was on autopilot with no idea how to stop and get it together. Feeling ashamed that I lost control of my life. Too embarrassed to ask for help.


“You can break down a woman temporarily but a REAL WOMAN will always

pick up the pieces, rebuild herself, overcome her obstacles and come

back stronger than ever” ~ Eva C Ponce


So, what are those quadrants you ask? Here they are:

  • Personal Self Care
  • Career/Business woman
  • Family & Friends
  • Wife & Mom

Without proper balance in these areas you are totally lost with no direction and fall into complete overwhelm and “guilt city” takes over your exhaustive existence.

BUT, eventually I found my way back. I got tired of being TIRED. My inner warrior showed up and said “Girl, you need to get your ish together or you will snap”. It wasn’t easy but I slowly started my journey.

So, since I promised to keep my blogs short, sweet and to the point. I will start a complete series and breakdown each process in several blogs to really hone in and show you how possible this process can be. How I reclaimed my life, my identity and started my “Guiltless Freedom” unapologetically. So if you want to take this journey with me, take my hand and let’s do this together. I got your back!

Here are the 5 phases I will cover separately:

  • Creative systems for your business & how to spend quality time on what really matters
  • The benefits of “Quality Time” with yourself through mediation
  • The importance of fueling your body right
  • Why moving your body through exercise will boost your energy
  • How Personal Development will help develop your mind & your business

In the meantime, click here for my free audio titled “Bathroom Break” that will give some quick tips in each area that you can implement immediately. I titled my audio “Bathroom Break” because as busy mompreneurs, the bathroom seems to be the only place that we can hide out and get away for at least 10 minutes to get in our ME TIME, before our spouses and children find us…. lol 🙂

Just know you are awesome beyond measure. You will absolutely be able to live your best life ever. You are not alone.

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try”


If this blog, has resonated with you or you think it will benefit others, please feel free to share. I am here to serve everyone!