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In order for us to dominate our time and not lose our productivity, we need to do our daily tasks more simplistically.


In other words, we need to cut the bullshit and stop wasting our precious time! LOL


We need to Keep It Simple Silly 😉


You may delay, but time will not, and time lost is never found again ~ Benjamin Franklin Click To Tweet

Here are a few tips & hacks for everyday life:


  • Stop being a perfectionist:  The first draft of anything you do to will be the worst BUT you can tweak as you go. Don’t get caught up in details and focus on the content you are creating. Brain dump all yours thoughts & ideas, then go back and piece together your best concepts.


  • Systems & Automation Tools: Use great systems & tools to make good routines stick in your day. Don’t rely on your control or goodwill to get things done. For example: Automate your social media with Hootsuite to free up your time with live posting daily. Use Google apps to organize your projects, share files with your team and even keep you accountable with alerts from your google calendar. Make it fun and build systems to keep you motivated not overwhelmed in your business. Set up a morning ritual to be productive. Have a checklist of your “business building goals” tackle the hardest first, then breeze through your day with easier tasks.


  • Stop Multitasking: This is the demon of all business owners. We seem to think that by doing more of one thing at the same time, we are being extremely effective. Guess what? You’re wrong. You are actually dabbling into too much and leaving yourselves vulnerable to mess things up instead of effectively working on those projects. The best way is to work on one function, give it your full attention and then move on to the next assignment. By approaching your day in this manner you not only avoid huge mistakes but also eliminate having to revise multiple errors caused by lack of proper focus.


  • Schedule your time with your Inbox: I totally understand that as business owners we need depend on email. BUT emails are also “other people’s To Do List”. You need to set boundaries in order for your day to flow smoothly. Select 2 times a day that you will check/reply to your emails and then log out. If you are constantly checking your email, you will be subject to troubleshoot items that are not on your daily To Do List and lose track of your main focus of the day. Advise your clients, staff and even family that you will only check & reply to emails at such times designated and stick to it. This is a huge time waster that is often overlooked.


  • Plan your day: OMG, this is a biggie. You need to have a plan of action for your day or else you’re doomed. Whether you use a manual planner or a digital app like Evernote, schedule everything out. Organize your day the night before or even first thing in the morning. Write down all your assignments in your planner or create a to do list on Evernote for both business and personal. I love Evernote because it’s a mobile app that you can utilize anywhere. From your desktop to your tablet and yes, your phone. You can create notebooks with files, graphics, articles, you name it. When you map out your day instead of “winging it” you will crush your goals without chaos taking over. Daily planning will keep you accountable versus relying on your memory to get through your day!

Time is what we want the most, but we use worst ~ William Penn Click To Tweet


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Eva, xo