Fear -vs- Faith Blog pic 2.23.16

How often are we overtaken by fear? Plenty of times right?


But how do we flip the switch and not allow ourselves to live in fear?


“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living in our fears” Les Brown Click To Tweet


Here’s the secret:


When fear creeps in, that’s your sign that faith is waiting for you to lean in!


Yes, exactly that … At that very moment when we are spinning, faith is there to rescue you and turn it around.


But often times, we ignore faith because we’re too busy dwelling in fear. We are occupied in focusing on past events, future tripping on things that haven’t happened and block our blessings by NOT living in the moment.


We need to train ourselves to stop and tune in when fear creeps in. Ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Is this thought real?
  2. How can I change my thoughts?
  3. Is this the best time to lean into faith?


Ok, let’s get real for a moment. Faith can have lots of meanings to plenty of us. Faith is whatever soothes you. Whether it’s God, Divine Beloved, Spirit. How ever you identify with faith is what you need to allow to comfort you in times of despair and fear!


When we release control and pause for a moment to check in, we can overcome the helplessness that accompanies all the worry, fear and shear moments of freaking out … lol (we can all relate to that, right?)


So remember to stop, check in and lean into faith when fear comes knocking! With practice this too shall become second nature. Let’s show fear, that it can’t mess with us!


“Awareness is the greatest agent for change” Eckhart Tolle Click To Tweet


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Eva, xo