Blog-Exercise pic

Is this you too?

How often do you workout? Do you struggle finding time in your day? Is finding your soulmate program hard? Is commitment your hardship? Do you love it or do you just dislike exercise all together?


Well grab your coffee or tea and read on, you’re not alone my people 🙂


I workout about 5 times a week for no longer than 30 minutes. For those that follow me, know that I post on Social Media  about how great it is to exercise. I share my great pics with big smiles. I also post about the positive side effects of working out. But what you don’t see is the behind scenes before my workouts. My roadblocks, my conflicts, the drama.

Here is the truth, I can’t stand it. I struggle EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Ok, it’s time to really come clean and share my battle with you.  I don’t get up every morning ambitious to start my sweat fest. I actually sit at the edge of my bed (after giving thanks for all my many blessings, of course) and literally have a serious bitch fest. Yes, I, the queen of positivity and all things nice, has a major fit before doing my workout. I mother eff the process all the way to the living room. All the while making up excuses in my head about why I should just go back to bed. Walk away and just give up! TRUE STORY

Strength is the progress of struggle

I started working out because my health depended on it not because I was passionate about it. I needed to incorporate exercise into my life because that was the only way I could lose weight effectively along with eating the right types of food.

I have been overweight my entire life. I’ve struggled with stress eating, emotional eating along with low self esteem. This was a recipe for danger in both my health and my mindset. I finally took the courageous steps to seek help in all those areas of my life in my mid 20’s. It has been a hellacious process and I still battle certain demons but I know what works best and what makes me feel better. And yes, exercise helps. Please understand once I get started, I’m feeling pumped and enjoy the rush of energy. Once I’m done, I normally say to myself “That wasn’t so bad”. But holy crap batman, it’s the getting started with it, is where I’m challenged the most – lol


I don’t love exercise, BUT I need it my life

I don’t workout in cute lululemon clothes, I workout in my PJ’s 🙂

I don’t feel excited when I start BUT I feel great when I’m DONE

I don’t always smile during my workout, I curse out my instructor EVERY DAY


I realized the only way to be my best is to feel my best. There is no quick fix, no magic pill or no secret sauce to great health. Even after my back injury last winter. I herniated my lower back disc and blew out my sciatic nerve. I could have used this as an excuse to never workout again. But I know that I NEED to move my body in order to heal properly. It is also my mood enhancer, because I feel great when I’m done. I’m left with tons of energy to conquer my busy day. I most definitely modify my workouts, BUT I get them done. They are part of my non-negotiable “Self Care” regimen. I eat right about 85% of the time and allow myself treats when I crave them. BUT I know when to cut myself off and say no to foods that don’t serve me well. Trust me, I haven’t met a cookie or potato chip that I haven’t loved. (Insert my giggles) I just know how to moderate my food intake and not deprive myself either. After all, life is all about moderation in all you do and eat!

I may revile exercise but my body responds well when I take care of myself as a result of it. And that’s what really matters. I hope you can make peace with exercise like I have. Because no matter what the obstacle is, we need it in our lives!

“Go inside and listen to your body, because your body will never lie to you. Your mind will play tricks, but the way you feel in your heart, in your guts, is the truth” ~ Miguel Ruiz