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Are you finding it difficult to tap into your inner goddess?

Especially being an introvert?

Is it challenging for you to figure out how to express yourself in ways that don’t make you feel uncomfortable?


When you think of goddess are you picturing sexy sensual women like a Marilyn Monroe or a Cleopatra? Then think to yourself that’s totally NOT me.


“She unleashed her inner Goddess and became the woman her soul knew she could be” ~ Michelle Schaper Click To Tweet


I can totally relate because this has been my lifelong challenge. However I have unlocked ways that we can tap in, tune in and live from our divine feminine.


And let’s be clear each expression of inner goddess is different for everyone. Especially for those of us that are introverted. We find it most difficult to relate to others that are extroverted and easily express themselves.


For introverts the easiest form that we can express our inner goddess or inner true voice, can be as simple as how we show up in our day. And by that I mean, our habits, our likes, our interests, the actions that we take everyday. Do you show up for yourself with extreme self care?  Do you show up for humanity? Are you involved in philanthropic ways that impact our world? These are actions that come from within that are a form and strong characteristic of our divine goddess.  Being passionate and following through is definitely a deep expression of your inner goddess. It doesn’t need to be loud and expressive. You don’t necessarily have to take a stage and speak in front of the masses.


Here are four simple effective ways to unleash your Inner Introverted Goddess:




When you stand in your truth and take action for what you believe in you are honoring your inner goddess. That could look like advocating for domestic violence, for women’s rights inequality across the board. Using your voice and how it’s best comfortable for you, is taking massive action and connecting with your goddess.




When you can get past all the fears and doubts and truly see where your strengths lie you are awakening your inner goddess. Your strengths can be compassion, loyalty, honesty, courage, determination, tenacity, inspirational, and the list can go on. If you’re not 100% sure what your strengths are, simply ask those closest to you. Have them share with you what they see your strengths are. By becoming aware of your amazing strength and gifts you can show up that much bigger and make an impact in your life.




This right here is the most key element to tapping into your divine feminine. To take the time and right action steps to take better care of you in all aspects of your life is true connection to your goddess. By taking extreme care of yourself, your overall well-being, your mental health your your connection with spirit and divine is your best source of tapping into your goddess. These are the teachings of which most of my work is dedicated to and the most important for us women to fully embrace. That making ourselves our number one priority in our everyday is a necessity not a luxury. Being able to tune into our needs first allows us to be more effective to others.

So look for ways that you can incorporate self-care by using all the elements of your mind body and spirit. Meditation, moving your body, eating well, getting plenty of rest, allowing fun to be a part of your life, are excellent ways of committing to yourself.




Here I mean really analyzing your relationships and circumstances that are negative and draining in your life. Allowing ourselves to be consumed by toxic friendships and situations will dim our inner goddess and not allow her to shine. If they are certain people and particular resources that you need to sever ties with, in order to keep your energy high vibe, you must make those necessary changes. We cannot allow ourselves to be influenced by others opinions and ways of life that that no longer serve us. We can respectfully release, let it go and love them from a distance. This allows you to come from a place of better knowing with vibrant positivity, feel good vibes and amazing goddess energy.


These simple shifts can help empower you to use your voice as the kick ass goddess that you are in your everyday. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert you can align yourself to your divine feminine soul. The work is done from the inside out. It’s not about the glitz and the glam and the diamonds in the stilettos.

It starts with the essence of your beautiful soul. We all have the power within to connect to the feminine divine.




Eva Ponce, Life & Biz Strategist/Author